Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp: Greatest Young Blogger of 2010- 21 years of age


Started as a teenaged website creator, Glen Allsopp is today among the leading bloggers in the Internet marketing industry. He built his first website at 15, got his website featured in the book, Dj’ing for Dummies at 16 and after few ups and downs, he built world’s 10th personal development blog. Glen, who is born in the UK, recently moved to Cape Town and runs his complete business from there.

He is also a programmer, so he intends to provide software solutions to people to help them in their businesses. He also helps Internet marketers build new businesses and make their living out of the web.

Glen Allsopp’s Focal Point

Glen Allsopp has always had one focal point – blogging. Even though he began with building websites, he ended being among the best bloggers in the industry. His product Cloud Blogging is a proof of his expertise in this area, plus his personal blog is also great source for aspiring bloggers to learn from. Besides this, Glen doesn’t really have any other area of interest – not when it comes to making money at least.                                                          


                                 Glen Allsopp’s Product Portfolio

Cloud Blogging


What do you understand from Cloud Blogging? Well, cloud blogging is a complete coaching program for bloggers. It helps them accomplish world-class results and dominate their blogging endeavors regardless of their niches. In this course, Glen has put all his career experience and ensured that he reveals each and every secret of cloud blogging. It consists of just 6 modules and each module is an important step towards the complete business.

 Glen Allsopp Negative

Glen, an Internet guru by profession, has had quite a lot of success in the recent past. He worked really hard to build his huge online business and these days, busy creating coaching programs and teaching same to the others. And, after doing some research about him, we could not find any negative reviews or comments about him. Anyway, let us now see if Glen has got to do anything with scams or not.

 Glen Allsopp Scam?

Glen Allsopp has been in the industry for quite long now and during all these days, he has helped hundreds of web affiliates through his personal coaching and training programs. And, his passion to excel in whatever he does has made him a true entrepreneur. Glen is definitely a worth knowing about webmaster, and is definitely not a scam! Last, there is a lot of information available about him; check out and you would understand his caliber by yourself.

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