How to Make Money from Laptop

How to Make Money from Laptop


If you are an experienced computer user, you might be able to make some extra money by sharing what you know and helping others work more efficiently. There are many opportunities for laptop owners to use what they know and sell their unique skills to willing buyers, whether those buyers are small business owners or individuals.

  (1 ) Set Up an Accounts for eBay

    Set up an account on eBay if you do not have one already. One of the best ways to start making money with your laptop is to gather up your unwanted items and start posting them on eBay.

Establish a PayPal account as well. A Paypal account makes it easier for your buyers to bid with confidence, and many eBay buyers will not deal with a seller who does not accept PayPal payments.


 (2) Reselling on eBay

Travel to yard sales and flea markets in search of items you can resell on eBay and other online auction sites. Bring your laptop with you to look up final selling prices of similar items. This will make it easier to find the products that are likely to garner the highest profits.


 (3) Solicit Items to sell

Solicit items to sell from your friends and family members. Many people have items they would like to sell on eBay, but they do not want to go through the hassle of setting up their own eBay account and shipping the products when they sell. Offer to sell these products in exchange for a percentage of the sale price.


 (4) Freelance Labor services

Look for opportunities as a virtual assistant, freelance writer and customer service representative. Many companies use freelance labor to get things done--with opportunities ranging from website design and content writing to concierge service for well heeled clients. When looking for work with your laptop, however, avoid websites that charge upfront fees--these are generally scams. Legitimate work at home sites will not charge a fee for participation.



 (5) Visit a Rent Coder Website

Visit the Rent a Coder website and review the assignments available there. This popular freelancing website includes opportunities for computer programmers, technical writers, proofreaders, editors and other professionals. Freelancers bid on the available jobs, and buyers are free to choose the person who best meets their needs. There is no up front charge for using the site, but Rent a Coder keeps a percentage of the proceeds in exchange for providing the marketplace.

 (6) Review Training Materials

Go to the Live Ops website and review the training materials and frequently asked questions. This site provides live phone support and ordering services for a number of different companies, using operators who work out of their homes. When applying to the site, be prepared to take a test and provide a resume. This company can be very selective about who it hires, so some previous customer service experience would be a big plus.


 (8)VIP Desk Website

Visit the VIP Desk website  for information about work as a virtual concierge. These virtual concierge services are similar to the jobs performed by a concierge at an upscale hotel, so previous experience in the hospitality industry is a big plus. Expect to take a test and provide a resume with a list of references before being considered for a position.


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