Why Most Bloggers Fail To Earn Money

Why Most Bloggers Fail To Earn Money



1. They Go With the Flow

Are you following some blogs and do you often visit them?  Did you notice what I consistently saw in the blogs that I followed and visited?  I am not quite sure if you saw what I have seen, but I want to tell you this, I think I know now why most bloggers don’t make money from advertisements.  The reason is very simple – all blogs are advertising the same identical products. They go with the flow using the same boat!


 So, in this case, why not change the direction of the flow, make a detour or use a different boat for that matter?  If this is all what it takes to make money, why not take the change?  But how do we go about it?  Here are tips on what are the best things to do:

Look for new products to advertise! Spend time to research.  Go beyond what Clickbank provided.  Look for alternative products wherein no one in the niche you belong advertised.  Search products from the many affiliate programs or networks.


Find for any complementary products! It may be possible that the scope for promoting a product is based mainly on the type of niche the blog belongs.  And that can be the reason why these blogs are promoting the same products.  Well, perhaps you can find products that may complement with your niche and advertise them.  Say, you can promote SEO related products if your blog is about blogging, or anything like that.

 1.Concentrate on Products and Services! Don’t get me wrong! I am speaking from my own experience. Recently, 99% of my income online is derived from affiliate commissions. They come as direct results of the products and services which I recommended. I do placed advertisements on my blog about information products, but, they seem not converting at all! I can say recommending products which you have actually used are always best as this gives you more credibility!

2. They seem distracted!

Worries come to most bloggers when they noticed they are not making money from the advertisements in their blog. It might not come to their senses that the lack of sales can be because they go with the flow with all the rest of the bloggers. Little did they know that they are all dancing to the same tune or having a boring trip in the same boat! They tried hard with their blogging work but in the end didn’t see any positive results. And this troubles them – they become distracted.

3. They Do not have the appropriate Strategy!

Many bloggers just don’t know how to formulate an appropriate plan or strategy and make it work, thus, they failed. It is good to go with the flow or to dance with the music, so to speak, but a good blogger need to have a sense of direction in which to follow. If you will just let the flow run through, it may lead you astray. Don’t let that happen. Be strategic!

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